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Meet Fernando Casillas


Fernando Casillas was born in Austin Texas and grew up in Mazatlán Mexico and San Antonio Texas. He joined the US Airforce as an avionics systems technician in 1987 and served New York then was deployed to Great Britain and the Middle East during his military tenure. He separated from the military and worked for Gatorade where he secured major cruise lines as the biggest national accounts for the company. He later moved to San Antonio to care for his paging parents where he trained as a paralegal. He joins Cruz Day Law with twenty-one years’ experience.


As a paralegal at Cruz Day Law, PLLC. Fernando is responsible for helping to advance a client’s case by propounding and answering discovery, assisting with drafting of pleadings, setting hearings, and preparing for final trial. Fernando is a language expert in English, Spanish, Italian, and French and also assists the attorneys with translation with Spanish-speaking clients and Spanish document review.


Fernando loves international travel and is an enthusiastic home cook. He regularly prepares dishes from Mexican, Italian, and American cuisine. On his downtime, Fernando enjoys practicing calligraphy and has traveled to several monasteries’ libraries in Europe to study medieval manuscripts and bookbinding. His ultimate dream is to visit St. John’s Abbey and University in Collegeville, Minnesota, to study the work that Master Calligrapher, Donald Jackson who led in the creation of the hand-written and hand-illuminated Saint John’s Bible.

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